Real Estate and Divorce January 11, 2024

Getting divorce, what will happen to our home?

Going through a divorce is already a challenging experience. When you factor in the real estate issues that many couples encounter during this process, it can be overwhelming. I’m here to offer assistance and support.

While divorce is undoubtedly challenging, having the right professionals by your side can pave the way for a promising future. Initially, identifying marital property (acquired during the marriage) versus separate property (acquired before marriage) is crucial. What follows are discussions aimed at understanding your ultimate goals and determining the next steps in the process.

With my expertise as a seasoned real estate professional, I’m ready to assist you with any of your real estate requirements. Whether you’re considering listing your current home, searching for a rental, buying a new home, or managing a spouse buyout, let’s connect to devise a strategy that will guide you through both your current situation and future endeavors. Your fresh starts are just around the corner.

Do you require a recommendation for a divorce attorney? I can connect you with an experienced attorney who can expertly navigate you through the process.